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If you can use your smartphone and navigate your social media accounts you can succeed in our digital classroom! The Alcohol and Drug Counseling Studies was established in 2009 by Program owner and director Rick Reyes after working in the profession as a counselor starting in 1999 and as an Addiction Studies Instructor and Curriculum Developer for multiple colleges and educational institutions in California. The decision was made to create a program that was relevant in today’s world, by embracing today’s technology and adapting IC&RC (International Certification and Reciprocity Consortium) curriculum standards in order to provide students with an affordable web-based option for education. We take pride in being able to you with the individual attention that every student deserves at a price point that al.lows our students to receive quality instruction without acquiring debt. As advances occur in substance use disorders counseling curriculum is updated in addition to utilizing the benefits of making our program as accessible for today's adult learner. By remembering that many of you have work, and families to support and do not have the ability to drive hours to a traditional classroom setting, spent hours listening to a lecture, only to have to drive back home, tend to your daily responsibilities only to repeat the following day, ADCSI’s does not sacrifice quality simply because we offer one of the most affordable tuition rates in California. We incorporate a blended model of learning with various teaching methodologies interwoven into each module, consisting of such lessons as: listening to audio lectures, viewing Power Point presentations, textbook reading, offline assignments, face-to-face web-conferencing and more. OBJECTIVE ADCSI’s Alcohol and Drug Counseling Certificate Tracks have specifically developed to: 1. Provide students with the knowledge, skills and clinical experience necessary to receive substance abuse counseling certification from The California Consortium of Addiction Programs and Professionals (CCAPP) 2. Prepare students to secure employment in the field of alcohol and drug counseling. Provide students with a supportive online learning experience to help them build the confidence and attitude required to succeed in this exciting, gratifying and worthwhile career

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